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With access to over 30 conforming and non- conforming lenders, BTEO Finance offers you the best chattel mortgage rates in the market. With interest rates starting from 3.99%, the team at BTEO Finance will do all the legwork to get you and your business the best products and rate.

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Accessing an array of conforming and non-conforming lenders nationwide, BTEO Finance can help you get the best rates and save you thousands. Let us help you make an informed choice on your next vehicle loan. BTEO Finance is an accredited FBAA member representing over 30+ reputable chattel mortgage lenders.

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Our fast application process can get your chattel loan preapproved within the hour. Our tailored application form allows our consultants to expedite the process through the entire application process.

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[chattel mortgage GST 110][chattel mortgage ato 70] A chattel mortgage that is designed for financing cars, as well as other vehicles, will offer you with many benefits: You will have a lot of flexibility while paying the loan. In this case, you can choose the period in which you want to repay the loan. Usually, the length of the repayment period is usually two to five years i.e. 24 to 60 months.

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BTEO Finance is here make your next chattel mortgage application experience a satisfying one. With extensive experiences in finding, applying for and guiding clients towards the most loan application, our finance expertise, personalised service and professionalism provides clients with a seamless experience for their next chattel mortgage. As an independent business, we value the long term relationships with our clients. We listen to what our clients have to say, analysing their needs and wants to match the perfect solution tailored to their needs and wants. Our top priority is you, and together we will work through your financial situation, goals and objectives from your perspective, guiding you to a favourable financial position for your chattel mortgage application. With an access to a large range of conforming and non conforming lenders, we understand the way banks think and what they want. Because of that we can present you in a way that highlights your strengths, giving you the best opportunity for a loan approval, while offering you with some of the lowest and most competitive interest rates, and flexible terms on the market. BTEO Finance utilises the latest technology and process systems. Our up to date application process is quick and easy, designed to get your application approved fast. Get your chattel mortgage approved today, simply give us a call on 0434967088 or complete the quick application form now to receive a no obligation online approval from our extensive panel of lenders today.

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    At BTEO Finance offers what we call a ”Limousine Service” where we focus our time and energy towards serving our clients. Our focused approach has allowed our finance brokers to guarantee all clients a professional service with a very strong can do attitude. We firmly believe that our success can be measured by our existing and repeat client relationships together with a strong commitment to customer service and effectiveness.

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    [agreement] At our company, you can get valuable information about the most trusted Australian lenders. Therefore, we provide you with a broad range of fabulous finance options. If you want a car loan product, we give you the necessary advice on the most suitable lenders in Australia. We offer you a wide range of options to choose from. Chattel Mortgage is the most suitable finance options for purchasing vehicles.

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    [CM agreement] All applications with BTEO Finance are obligation free.

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